Lord Hill Loop Hike

Hike January 28, 2017

Lord Hill Park, owned by Snohomish County, is surprisingly large and encompasses a diverse ecosystem including numerous ponds, creeks, rocky balds, and a long stretch of shoreline along the Snohomish River. Lord Hill is essentially a miniature mountain range with a heart of basalt. This is a great place for long winter hikes, especially after one figures out the complex and poorly signed trail system. Most maps including the ones posted at the park or available online show only a fraction of the trails that actually exist.

On January 28, our small group of Outventurers did a 6.5 mile loop that touched on many of the park's highlights. For the first 3 miles we followed the semi-secret Midway Trail which wended its way through a quiet forest. We hardly saw anyone despite being a Sunday. After reaching the end of the Midway Trail, we walked along the River View Trail and enjoyed lunch on a high bluff overlooking the river. We later visited the river at a nice beach which would be a fun place to splash around on a hot day. From the river, we made a steady climb on various trails to the top of Devils Hill, then wended our way back to the trailhead. All in all a fine day of walking.

Submitted: 01/29/17
Article By: Wilson, Jay

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