Daysailing Puget Sound -- 19July2017

Three OutVentures sailors enjoyed a sunny Wednesday sailing under brilliant blue skies.

Motoring out of Shilshole about 1:30 pm, Millie and crew were met by the incoming tide and negligible wind. High tide was predicted for 3:18 so unless some freshening breeze lifted the boat, the three would continue to buck current until they were well out into Puget Sound.

Light air persisted, but with clear blue skies and bright sun, the three hoisted the main on La Dolce Vita, the J35C and fell off on a starboard tack. The afternoon remained pleasant and relaxed with the three catching up on their various summer activities. While Cheryl and Jeremy took turns at the helm, Millie tweaked sailing trim and refreshed the crew’s memory of sailing theory and techniques. Tugs with barges in tow plied the channel reminding sailors to stay clear of the shipping lanes. For awhile the three were entertained by a possible Harbor Porpoise though species couldn’t be determined with absolute certainty.

Just past five, the wind clocked from the south to the north and picked up close to 10 knots changing the sailing tempo. With Jeremy at the helm, Millie hardened up the main and tightened the genoa settling La Dolce Vita into a welcomed heel. Noticing one boat furled it’s jib and a couple more headed in, the OutVenture sailors, laughed saying, “Now it’s getting fun!” About then the crew noticed a batten protruding from its pocket in the mainsail. Keeping an eye on it, eventually, Millie urged Jeremy to head the boat into the wind. With Cheryl at the mast, Millie dropped the main. Jeremy held his breath as the sail flopped and the batten swung wildly. As the sail swung within the gunnels, just as the batten teetered precariously, Millie was able to pull from its pocket and into the boat. At least 10-feet long, the misbehaving batten was stowed below.

With the sail down, and the wind blowing from the north, Millie said, “Well, we can call it quits and motor in or we can hoist the main again and sail down wind.” Enthusiastically, Cheryl and Jeremy responded, “Let’s sail!” Eventually, “All good things must end,” as they say. Though still wanting to continue, the three accepting the inevitable, jibed ho and sailed homeward continuing a broad reach. Carefully threading their way through the Wednesday evening race, they dropped the sails and motored into the marina.

Link: http://www.seattlesailing.com

Submitted: 07/24/17
Article By: Magner, Millie

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