60-Mile Ride to Auburn

A mostly pleasant ride down to Auburn

Six cyclists met Saturday, August 5, 2017 for a round-trip ride from Seattle to Auburn. We departed Zeitgeist in Pioneer Square down the Elliot Bay Trail. From there, we crossed over the lower West Seattle Bridge, where we jumped onto the Duwamish River Trail. This part of the ride is very industrial, punctuated by some pungent aromas. The Duwamish River Trail led us onto the Green River Trail. The Green River Trail is much more scenic as it makes big meandering curves with the Green River. Although I was arguably the slowest rider, the group let me lead since I’ve done this ride a couple of times. Everyone was also patient as there are some subtle turns that had us scratching our heads a few times as to which direction to go. But we made it to Auburn, where we had a nice al fresco lunch at Zola’s Café.

After lunch, we returned via the InterUrban Trail. While more direct, it’s a very straight and boring route for miles and miles. Two guys broke away from us in Tukwila for a more direct ride to their homes. About 10 miles before Seattle, I found myself stopping every couple of miles for a break. At first, I drank lots of water thinking I was dehydrated only to realize that I was having trouble catching my breath because of the poor air quality due to the smoke. Stephen and Laura looked after me to make sure I wasn’t dying and made it back to Seattle. All said, it was a really nice ride with a great group of people. But please be careful when you’re doing strenuous activities until all this smoke blows away.

Laura D, Stephen D R, Lyle R, Kevin W, Courtney C

Submitted: 08/06/17
Article By: Novak, Christopher

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