OutVentures Sail aboard C&C 27

Six OutVentures sailors set out from Shilshole Bay Marina for an afternoon sail Saturday, August 19 aboard Makai, a C&C 27.

Millie and crew met at 2pm at Shilshole Bay Marina for an afternoon sail on Puget Sound. The C&C 27, Makai with a tiller and outboard motor, was a return to early sailing experiences. Surprisingly, this outboard is semi-automatic with auto tilt and electric starter. What a relief! With an easy start, the little boat was backed out of the slip, until the engine died. How embarrassing! The fuel line wasn’t connected. After Sailing Club staff assisted, the sailors headed out of the marina against an incoming tide.

Heading into the wind, the main was hoisted and as the boat fell off to port, the unfurled jib filled and Makai lifted gently into the freshening northerly. With Mt. Rainier rising above the city, six OutVentures sailors trimmed the sails and beat to windward. Under blue skies and a warm sun, the sailors took turns steering, releasing and trimming sails while Millie guided the crew as they tasked north. As pleasant breezes continued to fill in, Neal plied the crew and captain with snacks amid lively conversation. Declining the suggestion to sail into Kingston for ice cream, the sailors opted for more sailing time. After criss crossing the Sound, it was time to head downwind toward Seattle. After completing a couple of jibes, Makai turned into the wind, jib was furled and the main dropped. As the crew gathered up and tied the main, Millie turned and drove the C&C into the marina.

So a perfect afternoon of sailing was coming to a close as the crew motored into the slip. As they attempted to motor in to the slip, with wind and current against Makai, the feeble outboard just couldn’t buck the tide, but drifted across the water way. After numerous tries, with Kelly at the tiller and controlling the outboard, Millie and Don finally were successful pushing the boat away from the opposite dock. Then giving Kelly instructions to steer for the slip, the two ran around to the opposite dock to meet the boat as it approached its slip. The docking became a full team effort. Tim joined Millie and Don on the dock, but opposite them as Neal tossed him the bowline. Don quickly climbed onto Pendragon, another C&C at the end of slip to fend off the approaching Makai. After a slight game of ‘tug and war’ - Tim with bowline and Millie the stern - and running around the dock, the entire crew eased Makai into her slip tying her securely. After cleaning up and a final rinse off by Gary, the crew departed the dock lingering a little to gaze at the Sound as the evening sky grew pink before bidding each other goodbye.

Submitted: 08/27/17
Article By: Magner, Millie

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