Leisurely Bicycle Ride Around Stanley Park

A Sunday trip to Vancouver, to bicycle around Stanley Park.

Due to other commitments, lack of a passport, or bicycle no one decided to accompany me on my leisurely bicycle ride around Stanley Park in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Canada. No problem. I had a great time!

I left my Seattle condo shortly after 9:00 AM and arrived at the Canadian/USA border crossing shortly after 10:30 AM. Using my NEXUS card and the associated lane, I was able to cross the border in less than 5 minutes. The regular line wait was about 15 to 30 minutes. 30 minutes later I arrived at the River Rock Casino parking lot where I left my car (parking fee $2.04 US) donned sunscreen, and assembled my bike. After purchasing my all day metro pass ($8.26 US), I caught the Canadian Skytrain Line to the Waterfront station at the harbor in Vancouver.

Shortly after noon, I was sitting at a nice bench overlooking Vancouver Harbor, having my lunch and enjoying the view. To the right were Holland America and Celebrity cruise ships ready to leave for Alaska later in the afternoon. Across the harbor was North Vancouver and beautiful mountains. On the harbor were seaplanes, landing and taking off, tankers, the Vancouver water taxi, and ships and boats of various sizes. To the left were Stanley Park, the marina, and a beautiful view of the Lions Gate Bridge connecting Vancouver to North Vancouver. In front of me on the walking path strolled people of various nationalities, tourists and Vancouverites, enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Lunch being over, it was time for the bike ride. Proceeding along the Seaside bicycle trail, I rode past the marina, and proceeded around Stanley Park. Passed the totem poles, I cycled to the Brockton Point Lighthouse where I paused to enjoy the view of the harbor back towards the downtown area of Vancouver, including Canada Place. The tide was slightly out, exposing some of the harbor bed, but not as much as I had seen it in the past. Further on, I paused to see the statue of a lady in a wet suit perched on a rock in the harbor, very reminiscent of The Little Mermaid Statue (Hans Christian Andersen) in Copenhagen, Denmark harbor. Next I stopped at the point in the trail that was right under the Lions Gate Bridge, an awesome view. Proceeding on I rounded Prospect Point, I encountered a cool breeze and eventual view of the Salish Sea and Vancouver Island in the distance. Further stops included Siwash Rock, Third Beach, and Second Beach before finally coming to the English Bay Beach. Timing so far was about 1hour 15 minutes from the beginning of the trip. At this point, I could have proceeded to return to the harbor along the Lost Lagoon and ended my ride. But I decided to continue along the bike trail into the False Creek area, where I encountered lots of green space amid the high-rise condos and apartments overlooking the water. Vancouverites were everywhere sunbathing, walking, riding bikes, just being out in a beautiful day. Proceeding a couple of blocks to the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain station, I encountered a Pet-A-Palooza at the station with hundreds of people and their pets (mostly dogs) viewing booths related to pets. Everyone was enjoying introducing their dogs to each other. After a tour of the fair, I boarded the Skytrain back to the Bridgeport station and packed my bicycle in my car. At this point, if other Outventures folks had been along, we would have returned to Seattle. It was about 3:45 PM, so we would have been back around 6:00 PM. I decided to take in more of Vancouver on foot and took the Skytrain back to the waterfront area.

I’ll try this trip again next summer, but earlier to see if that is a better time for an Outventures outting such as this. But don’t wait for me. Vancouver is so close and has great bike trails, or you can just take an urban hike. See for yourself. I had a wonderful day!

Submitted: 08/29/17
Article By: Tucker, Donald

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