Daysailing Puget Sound -- 28August2017

No better way to spend a Monday than sailing.

Taking advantage of the dwindling days of summer, 5 OutVentures sailors boarded Avventura, a Jeanneau 36 for an afternoon out on the water. With 80 degrees and the anemometer needle bouncing between 10 and 12 knots, Puget Sound beckoned. So, after a brief tour of Avventura and review of procedures by Millie, the crew cast off. After clearing Shilshole Bay Marina seawall, Millie steered the Jeanneau into the wind, and the crew hoisted the main and unfurled the jib. Falling off on a starboard tack, the sails caught the wind, crew trimmed and Millie set a northwesterly course.

The crew took advantage of the outgoing tide as they sailed northward. Though the downtown skyline remained visible, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier were hidden by the haze. While Millie steered, Laura spotted dolphin and other sea life pointing it out to the crew. So, in spite of hazy weather and dwindling wind, the five happily conversed as well as shared thoughts and concerns about Hurricane Harvey and the impact on Houston and the surrounding impacted area. Millie was able to take a break and tweak sails as Jeremy, Don, Chris and Laura all took turns at the helm.

About 6 pm, Millie recommended turning southbound as the crew’s attempt to catch the ever evasive wind line failed. Crew eased the sails as the Avventura fell off the wind to a broad reach. Luckily, the Jeanneau was now sailing the flood of the returning tide. With Chris on the main, Millie led the crew through a jibe placing Avventura directly before the wind. Still, the wind did not fill in. After awhile of dealing with flukey wind shifts, it was time to start the engine for the return to Shilshole.

Giving up on adjusting the Lazy Jacks, the crew hastily bundled the main for the return to the dock. All pitched in gathering gear and cleaning the boat. With all five on the main, it was quickly flaked as Chris noted, “better then it was.” As the sailors departed, the sun shone through the shroud of haze, casting a pink glow to the western sky.

Submitted: 08/31/17
Article By: Magner, Millie

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