Day Sailing Puget Sound -- 28 September 2017

Possibly the last hurrah of summer!

With a clear, sunny day and temperatures predicted to reach 80 degrees, five OutVenturers met at Shilshole Bay Marina for an afternoon sail on the J35c, La Dolce Vita However, with nary a wisp of wind, sailing looked questionable.

After motoring out of the marina, the crew floated with the current on flat, waveless water for most of the afternoon. Though it was pleasant for eating lunches, eventually, the crew became restless. Still, on a warm, sunny day, it was nice just to be on the water.

Drifting along, the sailors listened to the barking of sea lions sprawled on the barge buoy outside the Shilshole seawall, watched the container ships traveling north and south, discussed the astonishing amount of plane traffic overhead, and watched as a tug passed by quite close. The continuing calm made it possible to hear and see what might have been missed had there been a freshening breeze. A seal poked its curious head out of the water. Then, a pod of Dahl porpoises swam nearby. When Millie spotted a large dorsal fin, the crew simultaneously exclaimed, “Orca!” As the sailors remained transfixed for sometime, a mother and baby rose, blew and rolled back into the water. Shortly, they were joined by another adult. In spite of lack of wind, the sailors were entertained and awed.

About to give up, they furled the gib and readied to return to Shilshole. Then the breeze filled in. The crew agreed to continue their sail so after unfurling the gib, they were soon sailing nicely over 5 knots. While Tom took a turn at the wheel, Millie tweaked sails and relaxed. But as they say, “all good things must end, ”so Millie headed La Dolce Vita into the wind, the crew dropped the sails, and they returned to Shilshole.  As the sun set, all bid La Dolce Vita and each other goodbye. 

Submitted: 10/03/17
Article By: Magner, Millie

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