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Hiking to Annette Lake

First hike of the season today as we went to Annette Lake.

What a gorgeous day for our first hike of the season. We could not have asked for a better day! Eleven of us and a beautiful dog met
in Volunteer Park where we arranged carpools and quickly got on the road for our adventure. When we arrived the Annette Lake
Parking Lot was already full but we were able to park nearby on the road.
The trail was in great shape as they just had a maintenance crew working on it the day before. In less than 2 hours we arrived to the
lake which was shimmering in the morning sun. Time for lunch and for taking pictures. There is still some ice floating near the shore
but that will be melting soon. A waterfall across the lake was impressive to watch as well as the gothic looking rock formations.
We had a quicker hike back to our cars where Rex met us with refreshments and snacks.
I had a wonderful time today and this was my first hike that I led in quite a while. It was great to meet some new members of
Outventures as well as catching up with others. I recommend Annette Lake as its close to Seattle, the crowds weren't to bad and
the view of the landscape and the lake at lunchtime were wonderful.

Submitted: 05/27/18
Article By: Early, Doug
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