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Great Day on Mt. Ellinor

3 OutVentures members venture to Mt. Ellinor summit Tuesday 8-7-2018

Tuesday, 3 of us ventured to the summit of Mt.
Ellinor. We started from the lower trailhead amidst
mature 2nd growth forrest. The weather forecast was
for sunny and hot. The forecast was spot on with a
gentle breeze at times. Unfortunately the amazing
views offered on this hike were limited by light smoke
from distant forrest fires.
The trail seems to get steeper as you gain elevation,
but we were soon awarded with many beautiful
flowers buzzing with big fuzzy bees as we ascended
through rocky meadows. Someone has done a lot of
work improving the trail and building beautiful stone
stairways. Nice job and thanks.
Shortly after arriving at the summit, we had the good
fortune to be visited by a Mountain Goat. He
apparently enjoys licking the rocks there.
The smoke was slowly dissipating as we decended
so we had views of Hood Canal and Lake Cushman.
(You can see from Mt. Baker to Mt. Hood on a clear
After the hike, we stopped at a wide spot in the road
along the lake. We had a great entry point into the
lake all to ourselves. The lake water was refreshing
and not too cold. It felt good to cool off and remove
the sun screen and insect repellent.
We stopped by a local Hoodsport Burger joint for a
bite. Yes, oyster burgers are on the menu:)
Great day and excellent company!

Submitted: 08/09/18
Article By: Richards , Ed
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