Press Release - OutVentures

Good trip to Mount Rainier / Camp Muir

7 hikers braved the changing conditions of Mount Rainier.

Saturday, August 25th, 7 of us hiked from Paradise
parking lot to Camp Muir. I almost called off the hike
due to the forecast. Fortunately the 20mph winds
predicted held off. Although not an epic day of
sunshine and amazing views, we did get good
glimpses of Mt. Adams, St. Helens, and even Rainier
As predicted, from around 8000 ft. on the way down,
visibility was extremely poor and the temperature
cooled considerably. The team stayed together for
the most part, and always within ear shot. We even
had some good glissading on the way down.
Despite a late departure, we arrived to Paradise
Parking lot, safely and on time at 4:30pm. This was a
strong, fit team (several of us into our 50's) that
experienced a bit of lower elevation mountaineering
and tested their gear ...
We enjoyed dinner together at Rainier Mountaineering
Base Camp Grill with 2 more OutVentures hikers that
hiked and photographed the scenery along the loop
trail above the Lodge, before departing for our homes.

Submitted: 08/27/18
Article By: Richards, Ed
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