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2018-08-28 Day Sailing on Puget Sound, August 28, 2018

Entering that time of year when weather once again becomes less predictable, makes it difficult to plan very far in advance.

Sometimes you have to work to make things happen. The day was beautiful in spite of the fact that we are entering that time of year when weather once again
becomes less predictable. Being so, it is difficult to plan very far in advance, but rather suddenly, upon seeing the weather forecast, make a spur of the moment
decision. However, spur of the moment does not work with everyone, and I had only two sign-ups. With only two crew, the J32, a performance racer, could be a
handful, unless of course 1) leaving the dock posed no challenges and 2) the wind remained as predicted under ten knots (11.5 mph).
When a cancellation left only Donald and myself, I knew that I had to reach out to friends beyond OutVentures. We got lucky. One turned into three so five of
us gathered on I dock ready to sail wind or not. After a review of Dragonfly, we backed out on our slip using all five of us in order to clear the Hansa 42 docked
behind us. Smoothly executed, we were soon motoring beyond the seawall into Puget Sound. As we fell off on a starboard tack, we slowly drifted westward.
Thanks to our guests, we snacked on cheeses, sausage, French bread and fruit just purchased at Pike Place Market that morning. Then lo and behold, the wind
freshened and we heeled into a 10 knot wind.
Such a beautiful day rewarded us all. We were greeted by Dahl porpoises (sighting at least 5), a couple of curious seals, and of course the assortment of boats
and ships navigating the Sound. There was even a Tuesday departing cruise ship. We finally agreed that it must be Carnival.
Before long we were back at Shilshole, dropping and stowing sails for the return to the marina. What an enjoyable day! What a gift that my friend Stefan had
company and they could contribute to our camaraderie. Here's hoping for more good weather and fair breezes!

Submitted: 09/04/18
Article By: Magner, Millie
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