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Mercer Island Bike Ride

A lovely day biking around Mercer Island!

We had a great time checking out the scenery, real estate and other bicyclists yesterday as we cycled from Volunteer Park out and around Mercer Island. Apparently lots of other folks had the same idea, because Lake Washington Boulevard and the route around the island were fairly, but not uncomfortably, crowded.

If you've never used it, the "black donut" (actually, Midnight Sun) in Volunteer Park is a good landmark to use as a meeting spot. Conveniently located in front of the Asian Art Museum, which, if I can give a plug for Seattle arts, also looks wonderful following its 2018-20 remodel/renovation.

This route offers lots of scenic water views as you cruise along Lake Washington. For those lusting after prime real estate, there's also plenty of high-end property to check out as you make way around the island. And despite the number of times I've ridden East Mercer Way, the winding, forested curves of that road almost make you feel like one of the seven dwarfs or Snow White herself, is going to pop out from behind a tree somewhere along the way.

We wrapped up the ride with a relaxing food/coffee stop in Leschi before heading our separate ways. All in all, it was great day to meet new people, reconnect with old ones and just enjoy the sun and scenery,.

Submitted: 07/12/21
Article By: Tyrrell, Rob
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