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Fire & Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change" from the Queer Ecojustice Project

A documentary by Vanessa Raditz who is an environmental health researcher, youth educator, and culture-shifter dedicated to community healing, opening access to land and resources, and fostering a thriving local economy based on human and ecological resilience.

Three OutVenturers attended the screening of the film, "Fire & Flood: Queer Resilience in the Era of Climate Change" from the Queer Ecojustice Project. The event was hosted by Sightline Institute, a research non-profit that focuses on community, fairness, opportunity and responsibility while researching energy and the environment.

The documentary focuses on the victims and their responses to two disasters: the Tubbs Fire that burned through Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, California in October 2017 and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. This film is impactful. As stated by former Director of Positive Images LGBTQ+ Youth Center, Javier Armando Rivera-Rosales, “People don't see the connection between climate change and the treatment of queer and trans people.” 

Fire and Flood showed intimately how communities of LGBTQ people came together to provide shelter, food and emotional support. Established systems and infrastructures often breakdown or are destroyed in disasters so it is necessary for communities to come together for survival. In both of these disasters, LGBTQ folks were failed by systems, either through discrimination or the lack of resources. This film emphasized that climate change is intensifying natural disasters and injustice further intensifies the impact and ability of communities to recover.

One interviewee, a Two-Spirit tribal representative in California shared how sustainability is a cultural value of her people. That sustainability they said emerges from being grounded in ancestral future responsibility, the recognition that a future that fails to value what is already here or came before us is no future.

Our survival of the climate crisis, emphasized by Fire & Flood is dependent upon sustainability, community building and ancestral future responsibility. Does this relate to a recreational club like OutVentures. Indeed. As Felix Blanco, OutVentures member said, “We go outdoors to enjoy and play, but we also need to know we shouldn't take it for granted.” 

Rivera-Rosales stated in Fire & Flood “We need to start having different conversations about how to address the powerful changes that need to happen for us to survive and to thrive as a community, as a people, as a species.“

This documentary is being expanded into a series, follow the links provided to explore.

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Submitted: 07/05/24
Article By: Magner, Millie
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