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Tieton River Canyon Hike, 24 Nov 2023
A beautiful autumn hike along the Tieton River

Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip 2023
Camping at the Dungeness Recreation Area

Sailing out of the haze 2022
Playing stay-out-of-the-ship's-way and where's-the-yellow-buoy

Hike Green Mountain, 8/28/22 2022
Wonderful hike up Green Mountain in perfect conditions, with a group of 11 OV members. Rough road to the trailhead, but a fairly smooth trail, if with a lot of elevation gain. Great views, especially of nearby Glacier Peak, started very early on the trail. We spend more than an hour at the lookout on the summit admiring the amazing 360 panorama and enjoying the antics of a marmot and her baby under the lookout. We all enjoyed a lot of snacks and beverages at the trailhead before the drive home.

Saturday Hike/amble in Discovery Park 2022
Exploring Seattle's largest park via the loop trail and beach

Near Windless Sail 2022
For Thursday's Puget Sound day sail, the forecasted persistent westerly remained too far north.

Denny Creek Trail 2022
Easy hike with great views of Keekwulee Falls.

Dirty Harry’s Balcony 2022
Great intermediate hike with a nice view at the top.

Day Sailing on Puget Sound 2022
Unexpected building breeze made for delightful sailing.

Walking the Floor the Puget Sound 2022
On July 14, five of us met about an hour before the lowest low tide of the summer at Me-Kwa-Mooks park in West Seattle. We trudged through lots of wet rocks and seaweed for an exploration that brought out the 10-year-old in us. After some searching, we found and photographed a red rock crab, a Puget Sound Spider Crab, lots of spot prawns, sea anemones, flounder, a midshipman fish, starfish, etc. But the absolute gem of the day was a skate splashing around in a tidal pool (we thought it was a ray). And while we didn't get pics, we saw a grey harbor seal cruising by us a couple hundred feet out and just as a we were leaving, a bald eagle soared above us. Afterwards, we drove to the Pancake Chef in SeaTac and all dined on German pancakes.

Monday Day Sail on Puget Sound 2022
With temperatures forecasted in the high 80°'s, OutVentures went sailing!

2022 Memorial Day Group Camp Near Walla Walla
Here are some of the pictures I took on the trip.

2022 Memorial Day Group Camp Near Walla Walla
Thirty-three Outventures (OV) members converged on Lewis and Clark Trail State Park for our 2022 Memorial Day Weekend group camp. Twenty-seven camped; others stayed in nearby hotels. A fun time, despite rainy weather. About nine members, led by OV Board member Karen Eckert, arrived Thursday, May 26th. Some “decamped” to a tavern in the sweet, nearby town of Dayton to escape the rain. Most arrived on Friday, May 27th, and enjoyed a big fire and 8-hour happy hour that evening. The morning of Saturday, May 28th was sunny. A group of twenty, led by long-time member Rex Himes, did a lovely hike in nearby mountains. The rain returned Saturday afternoon, providing an excellent opportunity for coffee and pineapple upside-down cake at Annie’s Café in Dayton. A clearing that evening allowed for another long happy hour around the fire. The rain returned on Sunday, providing another opportunity for a visit to Annie’s for breakfast. Most returned home Sunday, some visiting beautiful and roaring Palouse Falls on the way. Thanks to all for your companionship and good cheer. Tom Rowan, OV Board Member and trip coordinator

Hike Dirty Harry's Balcony April 2022
Great views and a fun group on a very pleasant spring day, followed by a nice happy hour in a nearby picnic area.

Skagit Wildlife Area 2022
The snow geese that famously return to the Skagit Valley from October to March, present an excellent opportunity to explore the Skagit Wildlife area. Because hunting season is October through January, February gives us a pleasant window.

Cowiche Canyon Geology Walk 2021
"Cowiche Canyon is a marvel of geological forces . . . flows of lava, erosion of rock, and movements of tectonic plates that have shaped Cowiche Canyon."

Snow Lake Hike on August 21, 2021
Five OV hikers enjoyed an early morning hike in the mist. No frolicking in the lake this time. Brrr…

Day Sailing Puget Sound 2021
What a glorious day of camaraderie on the water! We six OutVentures sailors are among the lucky to experience this perfect NW summer day on the water.

Olallie Lake Hike 2021
Three of us hiked to Talapus Lake, Olallie Lake and up to the trail junction to Pratt Lake.

Cape Disappointment 2021
Photos from the group camp at Cape Disappointment

Vashon Island Bike Ride 2021
Like the title says....a bike ride around Vashon Island. :-) 6/26/21.

Discovery Park Loop Trail 2019
 “taking a rainy walk amid beautiful nature may be the best way to acclimate to soggy Seattle.” Gabriel Campanario

Cheasty green belt urban hike 2019
A spectacular autumn hike/walk in the Columbia City neighborhood on a clear crisp day

Crater Lake National Park - August 2019
Beautiful camping trip at Crater Lake with plenty of hiking opportunities and gorgeous scenery.

A tranquil day on Puget Sound

Sailing on Puget Sound July 22 2019
A wonderful sail on Puget Sound

July pot luck 2019
Summer pot luck at the home of Neal and Gary's

Beacon Rock State Park May 2019
Fun group camping trip by the Columbia River.

Deception Pass 2019
Hike from West Point along North Beach, then up Goose Rock, and back down along the perimeter trail.

Seattle Aquarium Outing 9-14-2018
A Visit to the Seattle Aquarium

Mt. Rainier 2018
Hike to Camp Muir. August 2018

8-25-2018 Camp Muir
The team at Camp Muir.

Squire Creek Pass hike 8/12/2018
Skies didn't clear for distant views but still got nice views of 3 Fingers, where trail took us within view of the lookout there.

Mt. Ellinor 8-7-2018
Mt. Ellinor hike 8-7-2018

Whistler 2018
Tommy Freeman's pics

OV at Tyrol (Whistler) 7/27 & 7/28 2018
Rex's pics of hike to Ring and Conflict Lakes on 7/27 and along High Note and Half notes trail from atop Whistler Peak on 7/28.

OV at Tyrol , hike to Ring & Conflict Lakes, 7/27/18
Tom Thompson's pics of epic hike in Callaghan Lakes Provincial Park BC including crossing a waterfall by rope and ladder.

Puget Sound Day Sail - July 12, 2018
OutVentures sailors enjoy cool breezes on Seattle's warmest day of the summer

Crystal Peak Hike 7/8/18 2018
Perfect day for up close views of Rainier.

Johnson Creek to Medra Pass 6/23/2018
Rex led a group of 10 of us from cloudy Seattle over Snoqualmie Pass to hike Johnson Creek to Medra Pass. It was sunny with some clouds. Mt. Rainier could be seen in the far distance poking through the cloud layer.

Gary Jenohn Thogersen 2018
Memorial Day camp at Bonaparte Lake.

Annette Lake 2018
What a gorgeous day for our first hike of the season. The trail was in great shape and the lake was gorgeous as the last ice was melting.

Snowshoe Hike to Kendall Peak Lakes 2018
Though only 3 members attended, we had a fun, challenging and rewarding time. Total trek was 1,954 ft elevation gain in 7.8 miles wit 2 ft of snow That required postholing the last .9 miles. Thankfully, we were joined with other hiking groups and collectively trail blazed our way to first lake. Amazing views along the way and as always even better company, dogs and other hikers along the way. A definite workout well worth it. Will feel the burn.

Snowshoe Hike Along Wenatchee Crest 2018
Beautiful hike with 7 great guys. (Unfortunately no gals attended). All had a wonderful time soaking in the beautiful views of the Stuart’s and the Enchantments. Total mileage was 9.5 with elevation gain of 1,200 ft.

Forestry Ranger Led Snowshoe @ Commonwealth Basin 01-16-18
Perfect hike led by two informative US Forestry Rangers at Snoqualmie Pass / Commonwealth Creek. 6 Mile hike with 500 feet elevation gain. Beautiful snowy scenery with views of surrounding peaks.

Discovery Park - 22Oct2017
5 of us enjoyed the break in rainy weather for a wonderful urban hike through the Seattle gem - Discovery Park.

Cycling for Seafood 2017
Riding the Olympic Discovery Trail between Sequim and Port Angeles and feasting at the Dungeness & Seafood Fest

2017 Labor Day Group Camp
Hoko River Mouth Retreat

Auburn Bike Ride 2017
60-Mile round trip ride to Auburn

Cornet Bay Weekend
Fun weekend at Deception Pass with lots of outdoor activities available.

Day Sailing June 7, 2017
Aboard the 30’ C&C Totoro

Sunday Sail on Puget Sound 2017
Millie and five OutVentures enjoyed sun, 80's and fresh breezes.

Iron Bear/Teanaway Ridge 5/28/2016 2017
A sunny Memorial Day weekend hike in the Teanaway with up-close views of Mt Stuart

Umtanum Ridge - Yakima County 2017
First hike of the season where we got to see lots of wildflowers and beautiful rolling hills.

Lord Hill Park Loop Hike 2017
On Jan. 28. we did a 6.5 mile hike in this surprisingly large park.

Hike/Explore your New Teanaway Community Forest! 2016
Photos of our exploration of the unique geology of the Teanaway Valley.

Hidden lake Lookout 2016
Photos from Sunday hike to Hidden Lake Lookout with Joe, Phil, Paul, Ed, Leo, Beth

Labor Day Camp and Activities 2016
Pictures include visit to Lake Chelan Winery and the nearby town of Pateros

Saddle Bag Island State Park
Kayak camping overnight 2016 - Jeff's Pictures

Sailing 2016
Puget Sound Day Sails

Lost Creek Ridge 7/24/16 2016
On a high point of the ridge with Glacier Peak behind

Lake Valhalla 7/23/2016
Day hike to Lake Valhalla

Birch Bay 2016
The Beautiful sites of Birch Bay

A Gorgeous Day Hike in the Teanaway Community Forest 2016
Twelve OutVentures members and one happy dog set out under summer skies to explore the Indian Creek watershed in the Teanaway Community Forest. Lush, green and expansive meadows greeted us as we hiked along babbling Indian Creek. Wildflowers carpeted the valley, Aspen and Cottonwood trees swayed in the breeze and the smell of warming Ponderosa Pine bark wafted in the air. We were able to witness the environmental restoration work that has occurred in Indian Creek; efforts to restore the creek and watershed to pre-logging conditions and health. Leaving the valley floor we climbed along an old abandoned logging road (spooking a heard of cows along the way) and then set off cross-country following a game trail. Cresting the ridge, we came to a viewpoint which afforded a beautiful vista of the Teanaway Crest, Mt. Stuart and the entirety of the Indian Creek watershed. This outlook gave us a broad view of the Teanaway Community Forest, giving us a sense of just how big 50,000 acres of land really is! As we hiked back down to the valley and through the meadows, I think we all came to the realization that this Community Forest is special and unique. It now belongs to all the people of Washington State and we look forward to further explorations - stayed tuned for the next OutVentures hike into this gorgeous landscape! Craig Mabie

Pride 2016
Great day at the OutVentures Pride booth

Hawkins Mountain (Jay's Pics) 2016
A rugged hike/ scramble to a 7100' mountain in the upper Cle Elum River area.

Norwegian Memorial June 9-12, 2016
backpacking Trip to Norwegian Memorial in Olympic National Park

Low Tide Beachwalk June 6 2016
Additional pictures from beach walk from Richmond Beach Salt Water Park south.

Low Tide Beachwalk June 6, 2016
Several members explored several miles of tide flats and beach during Sunday's low tide of minus 3.2 feet. We met at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park in Shoreline and head south along the beach, toward Carkeek Park in Seattle. Just short of Carkeek the tide began to turn so we stopped, ate lunch and made the return trip to Richmond Beach.

Tongue Mountain on Memorial day 2016
Tongue Mountain is a short hike with a tremendous view of three volcanos - Mt Rainier, Mt Adams, and Mt St. Helens.

Kayaking (after the potluck) 2016
Barry and Ken paddling on Lake Washington I asked someone onshore to take this photo and send it to me.

from Pot Luck Bike Ride 2016
Here's a couple of photos I took on the ride home.

Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad - Campout and Train ride 2015
A group of 30 or so campers camped near the train yard and then a group of 60 or so road the train on Sunday in a private car for OutVentures.

Sailfest 2015
Sailfest August 21, 2015

San Juan Sailing Cruise 2015
A week of sailing in Washington's San Juan Islands aboard a 36' J-boat

Mayne Island BC Bicycling Trip 2015
Took the BC Ferry to Mayne Island and camped for two nights. Got to bike around the whole island and saw some incredible scenery.

USS Turner Joy, Tour-Dinner and Overnight 2015
A night spent aboard the USS Turner Joy

Sailing - June 7 2015
Skipper Millie led us on a fantastic trip in the Sound. We saw cruise ships, ferries, plenty of sun, and had some exciting moments on the boat. An all around amazing day.

Sailing - June 7 -2015 - AMAZING
Millie served as Captain of a crew of sailors with a 30 foot with 2 sails. 8 OutVentures members in total for a 5-6 hour cruise in pure sun and good winds. Millie taught us sailing terms, and told us great tales along the way. First Mate Doug E. helped her steer the vessel all the way past Kingston and back to Shilshole Marina. 2 NEW OV folks, Victoria, and Collin were part of the crew. I think Millie provided a great OV adventure. All she requests is you obey her orders! She smiled the entire trip because we obey the Captain. Here are a few of my photos. Other folks like Rose and Collin were taking photos too. The weather was all sun, and steady winds, so we just enjoyed the trip and shared stories the entire trip. Millie, Doug, Tim, Kelly, Collin, Cory, Victoria, and Rose make 8. On an 30 foot sailboat.... Eight is Enough! Thanks a million Millie.

Hike Surprise and Glacier Lakes 5/30 2015
Pepe Maya's pics of a strenuous but beautiful hike.

Three Ferry Bike Ride 2015
Having a well deserved lunch in Gig Harbor!

Pine Needle Memorial Day Group Camp 2015
Pictures from two hikes - Twin Sister Lakes/ Blankenship Meadow and Mesatchee Falls

Lake Lenore Caves 2015
The shelters, coulees and lakes of Sun Lakes/Dry Falls.

Opening Group Camp: Pine Needle 2015
Was a great trip with hikes to wildflower meadows, towering waterfalls, dizzying overlooks and beautiful Bumping Lake.

Cougar Mountain 5-3 2015
Wilderness Peak: Lisa, Karen, Elaine, Claire, Donna & Jazzie.

Naches Peak Loop 2015
Photos from the Sunday 4/19/15 snowshoe in the Chinook Pass area of Mt Rainier

Kalaloch Camping on the Coast 2015
Great weather at Kalaloch Campground

Lakeview Ranch and Odessa Craters 2015
We had a great time in the Channeled Scablands of Ea. WA. The dramatic scenery was interesting and intriguing.

Snoqualmie Falls 2/8/2015
Short hike to the falls and Rattlesnake Lake

Hall Point and Beyond 2015
Jay's photos from the 1/25/2015 day hike

Bike Ride to Woodinville 8/31/2014
One guy from Different Spokes joined me for a perfect day for cycling.

Whistler -- Aug 7-10
Bob's pics -- Garibaldi Lake & Wedgemount Lake group hikes, plus Todd & I at Stawamus Chief on the trip up, plus Rex, Christopher, Todd & I at Mt Seymour on the way back.

Whistler, Wedgemount Lake & the Bear!
Pics from the lodge, exploring Whistler/Blackcomb via gondola, the hike to Wedgemount Lake, plus a couple shots of the bear I almost ran into on the bike trail across the lake from the lodge.

Whistler Hikes
Wow what a great trip..thanks for organizing it, Tom! The first hike was to Girabaldi Lake, a huge, glacier tinted lake fed by the snows of Mt. Girabaldi, the northernmost Cascade volcano. The next day, we hiked up a tough trail with 4000' gain to Wedgemount Lake, located in a spectacular cirque below 9400' Wedge Mountain. I'm sure there will be many more pictures posted soon!

Salt Spring Island Bicycling Trip
Great weekend getaway for the five of us

Cowiche Canyon
In the Yakima Valley.

Staircase hike
A hike in the Staircase of Olympic National Park

Pine Flats Campout
Submitted by Cheryl

Tyee Mtn Lookout
5-25-2014 -- Bob

Silver Falls
5-23-2014 -- courtesy of Bob

Mad River
5-24-2014 -- courtesy of Bob

Goat Lake
5-11-2014 (courtesy of Bob)

Goat Lake 5-11-2014
Rex lead another fantastic hike. The weather was all sun, but not hot.

Opening potluck 2014
Mountaineers @ Magnusen Park Friday April 4

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